Ad nauseam

» What's your name? Really, I mean. Leong Ping Alvin. Really.

» How old are you? HTTP ERROR 404
The web server cannot find the file or script you asked for.

» Which schools did you attend? Can you believe it? I spent my formative years in a convent—Canossian Convent kindergarten, that is. And after whiling away those blissful years (playing all day to graduate as a tiny tot), I went to Jurong Primary School, Raffles Institution, Raffles Junior College, and finally, NUS.

» Did you enjoy your school days? Not really. I was more interested in swimming and squash. But even this was compromised because of diabetes. I once had to be warded in hospital for several months due to a hypo attack. Sigh ...

» Which subject was your worst in school? That'll be geography. I flunked it.

» Which subject was your best? Mathematics. For some strange reason, I was able to pass those wretched exams with very little practice and studying.

» Do you believe in God? I do. With all my heart.

» How do you know God exists? Because I can't deny my experience of Him. It's like my telling you today that there's no such thing as the Internet. You'd think I was mad, right? That's because you wouldn't be able to read this page if so. And so it is with God. Much as we can't deny our Internet experience, I too can't deny my experience of God.

» Has God always been good to you? A Christian life isn't a problem-free life. But God has never short-changed me.

» Which experience was the worst in your life? The surgeries in 1992 for retinopathy take the cake. Having both my eyes cut up and drained wasn't pleasant at all.

» Which experience was the best? That has to be when I first joined a church. I presently worship at Westside Anglican Church, but my first church was great in giving me a firm Christian foundation. I served in the youth ministry then, and also played the piano for the congregation. I still play the honky-tonk piano nowadays, btw.

» Which Bible verse is your favourite? John 11:35 ... and that's not because it is the shortest verse in the Bible, but because it depicts the humanity of Christ. Our Lord isn't just the great God Who created heaven and earth. He was also a man. He lived like all of us, but died for all of us.

» What kinds of people put you off? Pretentious and arrogant people.

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