Transforming literacies and language
Multimodality and literacy in the new media age

Caroline Ho Mei Lin, Kate T Anderson & Leong Ping Alvin (eds.)

Technology-mediated communication cannot help but inform our literacies. This book is a reconceptualization of the role of language and pedagogy in what Kress (2003) has termed 'the new media age'. At the heart of the volume is the notion of 'transformation' -- a change in discourse practices, meaning making, technology and, as a result, literacy acquisition itself. The chapters look at language as positioned in a hugely multimodal world. Communication extends beyond the traditional realms of discourse, from the collaborative efforts of wikis to the hybrid speech and text of online messaging. These new areas of meaning-making are excellent and extremely important avenues to explore for academics interested in applied linguistics, language and literature, language acquisition and multimodality.

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