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Let's face it ... classes on phonetics and phonology can be very stressful, especially when you are absolutely clueless about the IPA. And the sound of each symbol. Rather than throttle your tutor's throat for the answers to your transcription woes, it might be a good idea to consult this page first. [The tutors -- and their throats -- are unanimous on this.] But before you begin, please install the phonetics font -- for if not, you won't be able to see the 44 symbols in their full glory or, worse, you may just re-entertain the idea of throttling your tutor's throat.

You'll also need a media player to hear the sounds. Now, if you click on a symbol below but can't hear anything, you may have forgotten to turn on the speakers. Pai-seh Note, too, that the sound files are WAV files.

Once you've got your phonetics font properly installed, and your media player running, click on any symbol below to hear the sound. All the symbols have been classified according to the labels you've been taught in your phonetics module(s). For the monophthongs [in the diagram directly below], simply hover your mouse over each symbol to see its five-term label.



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The recording of the sounds of all the symbols (including the cardinal vowels) was done in collaboration with Dr Adam Brown (AIS St Helens, New Zealand) and Dr Low Ee Ling (National Institute of Education, Singapore).

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