There are some irritating, brainless people out there called spammers. These are the idiots who flood our emails and guestbooks with advertisements about health spas, fake watches, car insurance, and pills to make a particular organ of the male body grow ten times bigger.

To put a stop to that, I have password-protected my guestbook so that these idiots will not be able to use a robot to advertise their sleazy websites and write horrible things.

Now, if you must write a message, please do the following:

Click here to sign my guestbook
Username: alvin (lower case)
Password: guestbook (lower case)

I know I'll have even fewer entries as a result of this, but it is far better than wasting ten to fifteen minutes of my time each day cleaning up the filth on my guestbook.

I hope this will put an end to the spam madness. For now.

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